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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter22-Part2

In the previous chapter we saw that the Lord’s building is not merely a pattern, but a matter of Christ being wrought into humanity. The building of the Church cannot be manufactured with human hands, by imitating a pattern or by forming an organization. Of course, by the birth and growth of life a certain pattern will spontaneously come forth, just as the size and shape of a man evolve by his birth and growth in life. No one can manufacture or fashion a man to his present form. Even so, the building of the Church is not a man-made pattern, not a manufactured imitation, but the spontaneous growth of Christ as our life.
Every part and every aspect of the tabernacle typifies either the work or the Person of Christ—it is much more than a pattern. The tabernacle shows that, by means of His redemptive work, Christ Himself must be wrought into us as everything. The altar in the outer court typifies the all-inclusive death of Christ on the cross, which has accomplished a right relationship with God. Confessing that we are sinners and that we have been put to an end by His death, we receive Him as our life. Then the cleansing and purging work of His Spirit, as typified in the laver, purifies us from the dirt of the world in order to make us fit and suitable for Him to be wrought into us.