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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter22-Part4

In so many places during the last few years I have pleaded in this way, yet not many brothers realize what I mean. They say, “Well, if we do not form a church, if we do not organize anything, what should we do?” We should do one thing: eat Christ and drink of Christ. Moreover, we have to be swallowed up by Christ. The more we feast on Him, the more we will be swallowed up by Him. We think we are only feeding on Him and enjoying Him, but actually the more we feed on Him, the more we are being swallowed up by Him. The church cannot be formulated and organized, but must be born of Christ in the Spirit; it must be the living Body of Christ grown up with the life of Christ. Then, as a result, it will spontaneously assume a certain shape, and a pattern will be seen. It grows with Christ, by Christ, and in Christ.

In the outer court we experience the accomplished work of Christ, which is the means for us to enter into the holy place. The holy place and the Holiest of all are not a matter of experiencing the work of Christ but of experiencing Christ Himself. Here Christ Himself is experienced as the food for the supply of life, as the light of life, as the resurrection savor, and as the all-inclusive One. Once Christ is worked into us, the materials are available for the building of the Church. Then we will be united and built up together into one through the Holy Spirit, who regenerates and matures us (as portrayed in the golden rings and the golden bars). This is the Body of Christ; this is the dwelling place of God. Again we repeat: the building of the Church is a matter of growth, which is Christ being progressively wrought into us as everything. This alone produces the materials for the building of the Church. Through the process of regeneration and maturity by the Spirit, all these materials will be fitly framed together and united as a whole. This building in oneness is the Body of Christ and the dwelling place of God.
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