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IELTS Speaking Part 1 , How Do You Feel about Commercials ?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers for Band 9 ( New Topic )

Topic 17 Advertising :

1- Are there many advertisements in your country?

Oh yeah , plenty of them , every time you turn around you can easily spot them on walls , buses , subways ....etc ,it is kinda annoying to see that much of commercials everywhere .

2- Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

Well, big profit is a major cause that drives many companies to promote their products through ads ,beside that the competition ,as there are a lot of corps in the market that sell the same thing , so they always strive to come up with creative ways to advertise it .

3- What are the places where we see advertisements?

Pretty much everywhere unfortunately , like I mentioned , we can notice them on the office buildings walls. Public transportation , social media like Wechat and Weibo ,mass media like TV and daily newspapers .

4- How do you feel about advertisements?

Honestly , it irks me so much , some ads are quiet drag and repetitive , plus some really are offensive ads towards some cultures .

5- Do advertisements influence your choice about what to buy?

Not at all , I would like to consider myself as a realistic customer , I always have to see some feedbacks before purchasing anything , beside that I am kinda loyal to the brand which I am used to buy , so ads do not make any much difference for me .

6- Do you like advertisements on TV?

No , I certainly loathe TV commercials , I always have to flip the channel once they show ads ,they are very irritating and quiet boring , I hope they can cease showing them every now and then .

7-What kind of advertisement to you like the most?

I really enjoy checking those ads that show us how to protect our environment , they are very informative and helpful ,as they raise the public awareness towards serious issues that we have to cope with .

7- Do you prefer advertisements on TV or those in magazines?

None of them actually , ads designers try to impact us by .....

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