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IELTS Speaking Part 1 , When is Your Birthday ?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers for Band 8 and 5

Topic 16 Birthday :

1- when is your birthday ?

A- August 2nd , 1998 , I was born in the summer , every year on this particular day ,my parents would wake in my bedroom early in the morning saying happy birthday son , I kinda have mixed feeling about it .

B- My birthday is August 2nd , 1998 , I really love my birthday , as I can get a lot of presents from my parents,friends and classmates

2- Do you celebrate your birthday ?

A- sure I do , it is quiet big thing for me and my parents so we do throw a big party every year and invite my buddies and close relatives to join in , and we always have real blast .

B- yes , I do celebrate my birthday every year with my friends and family members , I enjoy that very much .

3- So ,what do you do for your birthday ?

A - A lot of stuff actually like party with family and friends , have a romantic dinner with my gf/bf , get a giant birthday cake and at times hit the movies to watch a new flick by myself .

B- I do many things , I buy cake and drinks to share with friends , and also have a meal with them ,or go shopping to buy something nice for myself .

4- Is birthday an important occasion in your country ?

A- I doubt it , although it is somehow a reason for some families to get together , but it is still not regarded as big as other occasion like marriage .

B- no ,it is not that important , a lot of us consider it as a common thing , but I know it is important in the west .

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