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Internet Challenges & Solutions When Doing Business in China

In this issue of China Briefing:

  • Internet Challenges in China: An Overview

  • Understanding the Chinese Internet: Why Do Challenges Exist?

  • Staying Connected: Solutions to Internet Problems in China

  • The Importance of Network Security in China

Today’s opportunities for online investment in China cannot be questioned. The world’s second largest economy is currently experiencing huge growth in its e-commerce industry. With online retail volume increasing by 21.3 percent year on year in 2014 to US$1.98 trillion, China is now the world’s largest e-retailing market – a status it is likely to enjoy for years to come as more and more of its population gains internet access.

However, the rising fortunes of China’s e-commerce sector are not reflected in the quality of its internet; a fact that any foreign firm with a presence on the ground here will undoubtedly be aware. There are numerous problems with China’s internet that can either hinder or outright prevent various business operations, including digital marketing and data communication, and thus limit how effective a China operation can be.

In this special edition of China Briefing magazine, we highlight how and why foreign companies will be negatively affected by China’s internet, and provide methods to help solve these problems. We discuss ISP selection, internet connection types, CDNs and VPNs, and internal control systems. Finally, we examine the importance of network security in China and how it can help augment a company’s internet connection.

As internet penetration in China continues to spread, understanding the country’s internet systems and setting up structures to help boost online connectivity will be increasingly important. With our specialized knowledge in IT services, Dezan Shira & Associates can help guide foreign companies through these processes.

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