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Romantic teahouses in CQ

Through the binge-eating of such things as crayfish, night barbeque, and new hot pot of one summer, are you tired of the lavish meals? Lowering your head and looking at the fat on your stomach, have you lost confidence in life? Then, the following content will be your gospel. The editor has selected out the newest and most romantic teahouses in the city for you who are tired of city life to slow down in the the city's downtown.

Zhizhu Teahouse
The new fashion trend of tea
Zhizhu –featuring Keyu and Zens, of authentic Chinese style born out of Miaopinji is a trendy and fashionable Chinese teahouse that has integrated the Chinese-style taste into details with the new-style contemporary art aesthetics. With soft couches replacing serious old-fashioned armchairs and boxes separated with leisurely and soft sheer curtains, while whispering, one can feel as if there is light tea fragrance flowing by.
Address: Entrance of Gate 5, Pavilion C, Times Paradise Walk, Shiyou Road, Yuzhong District
Tips for consumption: 68 yuan/person for Yongchuan Xiuya Green Tea·Tingshui, 48 yuan/person for Bishui Tianxiang Flower Tea·Yuqian, 48 yuan for Xiaguan Aged Tuo Tea
Kissaten Teahouse
Stop for a moment, rest for a moment
With the soft matching of bamboo colour and white – the simple colours of MUJI style, there is a slight fresh taste. This is Kissaten Teahouse. "Ichi-go ichi-e" – a sado term in which "ichi-go" refers to one's life, while "ichi-e" refers to "a meet" originally means that both the host and guest of a tea party need to treat each other wholeheartedly and cannot be careless, which later developed into a kind of life philosophy meaning that people need to treasure each meeting. Life and each of its moments are unrepeatable, and if one neglects the present due to carelessness, that would be a more profound pity than missing it.
Address: No. 85, Huwei Road, Hutouyan, Daping, Yuzhong District
Tips for consumption: 50 yuan/person
Hanshe Teahouse
Enjoy the night view and prosperity
People always say a teahouse is a good place for an afternoon, but there is one teahouse where it is best to go at night. With a room of Chinese-style light bamboo chairs and solid pseudo-classic grey blue tiles, it has a refreshing feel. The greatest surprise is behind the curtains. Outside the full-height glazing of the entire wall is the night view of prosperous Jiangbeizui. Thus, for Chongqing-ers who love night views, it is just a treasured place.
Address: No. 1, Shuanggang Road, Yuzhong District (inside C Plaza Hotel)
Tips for consumption: 100 yuan/hour for a small parlor of 4-6 persons, 496 yuan/hour for a big parlor of 8-10 persons
Er Tang Tea
Can a teahouse be in Loft style?
The Loft style has entered the tea works! Er Tang Tea is a concerto of black iron pipes and burlywood planks. Its ceiling lamps are thin wood chips intertwined with bar iron, which fit the long tables very well. The folding screen on one side is also formed of iron bar and planks put together. Being entirely different from Chinese or Japanese-style decoration, its style is with more rejuvenation. It is for this reason that most customers coming here are young people.
Address: 14-11, Building 2, Pavilion A, Times Paradise Walk, Shiyou Road, Yuzhong District (the office building beside Dicos)
Tips for consumption: 88 yuan/dish for Jingmai Shupu, 30 yuan/person for cover charge