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IELTS Speaking Part 1 , How Do You Like Summer ?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers

Topic 14 Seasons :

1 - How do you like Summer ?

A- quiet a lot actually , I keep telling everyone it is my favorite one , there are a lot of yummy foods , green trees all around ,long days , and I could wear my Favorite shorts and T.shirts ,beside that I have my longest annual holiday . Band ( 7.5 )

B- I don't like it very much , it is too hot ,and it gets humid as well . Band ( 5)

2- what kind of activities people do in the summer in your country ?

A- A lot of stuff indeed , they hang out with their friends after work to get some BBQ snack and beers , go for a long walk around their neighborhood ,do square dance , go swimming and at times they go fishing as well . Band (8 )

B - I think ,they eat some special food like cold dishes , they go shopping , they also stay up late . Band ( 4.5 )

3- How many seasons are there in your hometown ?

A-Sadly Only 3 seasons , we have got a short summer which lasts for couple of months ,long cold winter ,three weeks of Fall , I wish we had Spring too ,but this is what it is now . Band ( 7.5 )

A - we have 4 seasons , summer ,winter ,spring ,and Autumn , winter is the longest one in fact and I don't like it as it is so cold. Band ( 5 )

4-what is the best season in your country ?

A - Absolutely Fall , although it is very short , but it is very well liked , you can feel the beauty of how every thing around changes so fast like the blue sky , fallen red leaves , fabulous sunrise and breath taking Sun set . It ain't my favorite one though . Band (7.5 )

B - I suppose it is Spring , because the weather gets warm and it is the end of winter so many of us like it very much and it is a new start . Band ( 5.5 )

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