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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter19-Part1


The tabernacle or the temple, as we have seen, is of three parts: the outer court, the holy place, and the Holiest of all. Within the outer court the tabernacle is divided into two parts: the holy place and the Holiest of all. Before we see the items in the Holiest of all, we must first look at those in the outer court and in the holy place.


In the outer court there are two things: the altar and the laver. All Bible students agree that the altar is the type of the cross of Christ and the laver is the type of the work of the Holy Spirit. Have we experienced the altar and the laver? On the cross Christ was offered as our sin offering. He died for our sins, and He was even made Sin on the cross for our sake; so He is our Passover. The meaning of the Passover is that He, the very Lamb of God, bore our sins and died on the cross. First Corinthians 5:7 clearly states that Christ is our Passover. The day that we believed in His death for our sins was the day of our Passover. It was on that day we enjoyed Christ as our Passover Lamb.

After we experienced the altar of the cross, immediately the Holy Spirit began to work, as signified by the laver. The laver is a place for people to be washed and cleansed. After receiving Christ as our Passover, the Holy Spirit starts His cleansing work within and without. When the people of Israel entered the tabernacle, they had to pass the altar with the sin and trespass offerings; but they also had to wash their feet and their hands of all the earthly dirt in the laver. The Holy Spirit cleanses us from all the earthly dirt of our daily walk since we were saved. If we have had these experiences, it means that we have been saved and are no longer outside the outer court. Once we are inside the outer court, we are within the boundary and realm of God. In other words, we are in the kingdom of God, for we have been regenerated, redeemed, forgiven, and now cleansed by the working of the Holy Spirit. Unless we have experienced both the altar and the laver, we can never be a real child of God. Even though we may have outwardly entered Christianity, without the experience of these two things we are still outside the kingdom of God.

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