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IELTS Speaking Part 1 , How Do You Choose Your Friends ?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers

Topic 15 Friends :

1- Do you have friends ?

A - sure , I do , I love to socialize with people and make new friends all the time , so I have got lots of buddies , we catch up every now and then , and it is always fun . Band ( 7.5 )

A - yes , I have a lot of friends , and I like them very much , they have been my good friends for a long time . Band ( 5 )

2- Who is your best friend ?

A- Jack , he has been my close pal for more than two decades , we went to high school together , he is quiet amicable and we have got a lot in common together . Band ( 7.5 )

B- My best friend is Wang ,because she is a very good friend to me , and she cares so much about our friendship a lot . Band ( 4.5 )

3- How do you spend your free time with your friends ?

A- we do a lot of stuff actually , we grab a meal or drink sometimes , hang out somewhere , watch a flick , hit the road for a short trip around the city , and at time just go to the library to read a book and have a book discussion together . Band ( 8.5 )

B - we spend our free time by going shopping together , have lunch or dinner at a Resturant , and sometimes visit each other at home . Band (5)

4- How do you choose your friends ?

A- well , I really enjoy meeting people who share similar interests with me ,and this is the just the basic foundation for a friendship , beside that I am quiet into those people who have a great sense of humor . Band ( 7.5 )

B - I choose friends according to my feeling , if I like someone then I can make him/her my new friend , but it is not east to choose friends . Band (4.5 )

5- what would you like to change about your best friend ?

A- well , I wish he could have a cool temper as he is a bit hot blooded , I also hope he could be more approachable since he at times seems kinda snobbish . Band ( 8 )

B - Nothing really I want to change , she is a very good friend , but I just want to meet her more often . Band ( 4.5 )

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