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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter21-Part1


There are many more important details to consider about the spirit and the soul, but now our attention must be focused on the building of God’s dwelling place. Much stress has been made on the tabernacle, God’s dwelling place. We have seen that it is composed of the outer court and the two parts of the tent of the tabernacle, the holy place and the Holiest of all. Let us briefly review the contents of these three places.

In the outer court there is the altar, which typifies the cross of Christ, and the laver, which typifies the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit.

The holy place contains the showbread table, the lampstand, and the incense altar. These three items are types of the various aspects of Christ as our life. The showbread table reveals Christ as our daily life supply—He is our very bread of life. The candlestick, or the lampstand, typifies Christ as the light of life. The supply of life that we enjoy becomes the light, which shines within us. Next, the incense altar typifies the resurrection savor of Christ.

The Holiest of all contains one thing, the ark, the type of Christ Himself. There are three things within the ark: the hidden manna, which is the inner life and inner life supply; the hidden law, which is the inner enlightening within us; and the hidden rod with sprouted buds, which is the inner resurrection power and authority. The hidden manna, the hidden law, and the hidden authority are all in resurrection and are much deeper than the three corresponding items in the holy place.

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