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IELTS Speaking Part 3

IELTS Speaking Part 3 with Sample Answers for Band 9 ( New Topic )


1- What would you say was the most important thing you learned at school?

Well, a lot of skills actually , I reckon team work and critical thinking are the most vital skills that I got from school , some might disagree with me on this one ,but the school has shaped my character in so many ways and I would not be who I am today if I have never been to school ,e.g : my cousin dropped out from primary school and I could see now how different we are in terms of our life approaches and our communication skills .

2- Could you compare the effectiveness of schools of the past to that in the present?

Hmm, this is a tough question , anyway , I ain't so sure what was it like in the school back in the day , my father though told me that his teachers were more strict and they had loads of assignments to do on daily basis , he also mentioned that the main objective for education was to wipe out the illiteracy rate rather than focusing on other skills , but nowadays schools are completely different as the education goals have changed drastically so they focus more on 21st century learning skills like creativity , critical thinking .....etc ,so I would say schools are far more efficient nowadays than in the past ,

3- what ways do think schools will change in the future?

I assume , we won't have real schools anymore in 30 years from today , as everything is going online , so we would have virtual schools that exist only online , I also anticipate that many parents won't have to enroll their kids in school anymore as there will be a lot of other resources to get educated without being a full time student at school , beside that , the education system and goals will also change dramatically in order to meet the new future era , too bad though that I might not be there to experience this great change .

4- how important is it in your home country to get university education?

Let's say it is very salient , I grow up in a conservative society which sees higher education as a life goal for its individuals , so for those who won't get a university degree will be regarded as unfortunate and they will be treated unfairly when it comes to apply for a job or even to find their better half , I wish things were different but this how it is here in my country .

5-What kind of jobs can people do without university education? What are the advantages to starting work at a young age?

6-Do you agree to saying that we are never too old to learn? What are the advantages of continuing education?

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