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SSBA-SCS:Fiesta City Walker

Now that you are in Shanghai, how much can you claim to know of this city? On this coming Saturday 17th Oct, we will be touring the city centre, visiting cultural attractions such as the Confucian temple and local mosque on a 2.5KM walk. Most importantly, it's entirely FREE. This walk will bring you to Singapore Fiesta [email protected] happening at 16 Pu Marina (Dock16), South Bund.

Sign up for this tour organised by SHEN City Walker today at:

為慶祝中新建交25周年,上海新加坡商會將帶領大家免費游覽上海市中心,介紹特色獨具的文廟和清真寺。此次行程僅2.5公里,適合全家一起步行。活動將定於10月17日周六舉行,我們熱情歡迎大家參與。終點將設為新加坡嘉年華2015會場 - 16浦碼頭。 感興趣者請務必儘快報名:

今年主題Singapore Shiok!動感新加坡-感動上海,更多好吃好喝、好玩好淘,還有Mambo Jambo壓軸party。吃貨淘客玩家們,10月17—18號周末,上海.十六鋪,早上11點到晚上9點,全天免費開放,我們等你一起來嗨!

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