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IELTS Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answer for Band 9 ( New Topic )


1-Do you like trees?

Sure , I do , I can not imagine living in a place where there is no tree around , seeing them gives me this awesome feeling of life .

2-Are there any important trees in your country?

I suppose there are plenty of them , yet I ain't so sure about their names, I know for sure we have alpine , maple and lily trees in the woods .

3-Is there a forest near your hometown?

Unfortunately not , I wish there was though as woods are awesome places for camping , hiking and hunting as well ,and it would be very lucky for me to have them around .

4-(Possibly) Would you like to live in a place that has lots of trees?

Definitely, as I just mentioned how much I dig green places , I reckon everybody would have the same view as mine .

5-Where can one find trees (or forests) in your country?

Well , you can spot a lot of trees on the streets , parks , gardens ,as for for the woods ,we have some of them in the Northern part of my country .

6-Do you think places with trees attract more visitors than places with few trees?

Certainly , they do , a lot of tourists get around to enjoy the wild nature and peace and although very few of them would have a slight preference for the city , yet green places are for sure appealing to everyone more than anything else .

7-Did you ever (like to) climb trees when you were a child?

Oh gosh yes , it was like twice a week in the summer time ,back then we had some Palm and guava trees in our back yard and I had this tendency to go up and pluck the guava and dates as they are my favorite fruits .

8- Have you ever planted a tree?

Sure , I have ,I am a member in this club called Green Spot and we are supposed to plant more than 40000 trees every winter in different mega city .

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