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Catch this weekend's best live music

Top live music

Chin up - the holidays may be over, but here are five top gigs to help you beat the back-to-work blues. Let's face it: you're not actually going to go to work this weekend anyway, even if you're meant to...

Friday 9 October


MAO Livehouse, 9pm, 360RMB

If you didn't get your fill of metal from Megadeth's short, but surprisingly lyric-filled set last night, head to MAO Livehouse for British extreme metal act Carcass, who are helping Chinese metal mag Painkiller celebrate 15 years of head banging (in print).

Saturday 10 October

Proximity Butterfly

Yuyintang, 9pm, 80RMB

Chengdu-based, Maybe Mars-signed outfit Proximity Butterfly return to Shanghai to tout their new album. They specialise in what might be called stoner rock, were it not for the fact that drugs are illegal in China and no one ever does them here.

Read our interview with frontman Joshua Love on new bandmates and babies on our website.

Voodoo Kungfu

MAO Livehouse, 8.30pm, 200RMB

Long-running, slightly nuts metal outfit Voodoo Kungfu (formerly known as Masturbation) bring their Oriental Dark Arts Tour to Shanghai. Their black metal sound mixes in elements from Mongolian music - the result of a 'lost' few months up north for frontman Li Nan. Li, who perhaps unsurprisingly was kicked out of Catholic school as a kid, has been known to perform covered in (what we presume to be) fake blood and always makes for an interesting live spectacle. They've threatened to split a bunch of times and it's never quite clear whether their next show will also be one of their last - best to catch them while you can, just in case.

Sunday 11 October

Matt Hires

MAO Livehouse, 8.30pm, 100RMB

American indie pop singer-songwriter Matt Hires makes his first visit to China with support from locally-based troubadour Bai Yu. Should make for a nice way to round off your weekend.


Yuyintang, 9pm, Free

For something a little different, head to YYT for the latest installment in former Muscle Snog frontman Mai Mai's long-running but sporadic experimental showcase RESO. He'll be joined by Dre Hocevar and Bryan Qu for a night of out-there rock and jazz improvisation.