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Travel to Japan, take a look at these wonderful toilet paper!

In order to pass the time, most of us would like to take a book or a piece of newspaper into the toilet. As the pace of time, many innovations appeared in our life, including the essential daily necessity: the toilet paper. Now, let’s take a look at it to see what else functions can it provide for us.

Sudoku Toilet Paper

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game around the world. Nowadays people can enjoy the puzzle game on toilet paper while using the toilet. But do not think of taking it out, it actually is toilet paper.

Toilet Paper With Knowledge

Toilet paper with all kinds of knowledge, like maze games, English teaching, earthquake prevention or even charts of points for foot massage.

Horror Toilet Paper

Japanese top horror writer Koji Suzuki has cooperated with a paper-producing industry to print his latest novel on toilet rolls. He told the Japanese media in interview:"Toilet space is so narrow that can arouse your imagination. And horror is the best choice.”

Remind Saving Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a daily necessity in our lives, without which life would be filled with inconvenience. However the consumption of toilet paper is rather large. Toilet paper in the picture provides an ingenious idea by reminding us that toilet paper is made from trees and we should not overuse it.

VISTA Toilet Paper

In order to promote Windows Vista in Japan, Microsoft released Vista toilet paper with its features on the paper as a gift, which only sends to the top 50 customers .

Banknotes Toilet Paper

It can realize your dream of "wiping buttocks with banknotes".

Colorful Toilet Paper

We are aware that the toilet paper is white. However black toilet paper which not too many people know does exist. This black toilet paper is colored by a harmless dye, in addition, there are green and orange toilet papers.

Fluorescence Toilet Paper

There are a lot of strange products beyond your imagination, one of them is fluorescence toilet paper which is capable of emitting light in the dark. Maybe someone would ask what its function is. Its producer explains that when the power failure suddenly occurs, the fluorescence paper will guide you like a shining star in the dark toilet.

Newlywed Toilet Paper

The newlywed model toilet paper, which is distributed as a creative wedding commodity, both of its head and body are made of toilet paper.