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IELTS Speaking Part 1 , What's a Good Color for Women ?

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers with different scores .

Topic 13 Colors :

1- which color do you like most ?

A - Black , it is very vivid , bright ,and it does match my fair skin , it stands for pride and dignity in my culture ,a lot of people also say it is the king of colors , so I purchase all my clothes in black . Band ( 7.5 )

B- I like Balck color most , because it looks good on me , and it is a very good color and many people like it too . Band( 5 )

2- Do colors mean anything in your culture ?

A- Of course , they do e.g white represents purity , yellow stands for jealousy , Red stands for nationalism , while pink means love , and blue shows friendly ,however people might have different understanding for these colors depending on their origin . Band ( 8 )

B- yes , I think so , I know red color means love , yellow might mean friendly , and black means beauty. Band ( 5 )

3- what is the most popular color in your country ?

A - Red ,I reckon it is very well liked by everyone , you can see it almost everywhere and it has a lot to do with our history and architecture as well , it is unisex color . Band ( 8 )

B- I think Red ,because it is our country flag color ,and many people like it very much , and I like it too . Band ( 4.5 )

4- What is a good color for women ?

A - oh well , this is a bit tricky for me to say , I suppose women look great in bright colors like yellow or orange , these color make them look more attractive and cool , dark colors would not really be good at all for them as they might look depressed if they put them on . Band ( 7.5 )

B- I think a good color will be Yellow , it is very nice color for every girl , it makes them look so nice and sunshine ,yes , it is very good color for them . Band ( 4.5 )

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