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Best Sales Cases Sharing----Murthy L

Name: Murthy L
Venue: Sangeetha,Forum mall,Bangalore, India
Required phone: Samsung grand prime
Result: Neo 5

(Customer entry)
Me: Hello sir, :-) good evening,
how can i assist you?
Customer: Hi I am looking for Samsung grand prime can i see the demo and canyou explain me the features?
Me: Yes sir sure,

Me: yes sir this is Samsung grand prime.
Customer: thank you, but can you please explain its features?
Me: Yes sir grand prime comes with 5.0 inches TFT screen, with 8MP rear cameraand 5 MP front camera,
1.2 GHz quad core processor,1GB of RAM,8 GB ROM and expandable up to 64GB. And battery is 2600mAh.

Customer: features are good, can u show some other models better than this,

Me: Sure sir, there is a model which comes with unbelievable features if you want I can show you...
Customer: Yes Why not?? Please.
Me: Okay sir here it is? It’s an OPPO NEO 5.
Customer: OPPO??? i never heard about this..
Me: Sir OPPO is one of global brands. OPPO having its own OS which is called ColorOS the features of ColorOS is amazing and the brand is completely awesome with zero rejection.
Customer: alright let me know the features.
Me: Sir here it’s OPPO Neo 5 which having a two OS one Android and secondColorOS
Customer: what is ColorOS?
Me: ColorOS. It’s anamazing UI of actual Smartphone like you can operate your OPPO neo5 on off screen mode there are signs which can be used on off display. Like for camera just draw "O" on off screen the camera will start. For musicjust drag down your 2 fingers and your music will start go next and previous song you can draw this signs"< >". You can set up to 13 gestures to off screen which ever you want.
Customer: amazing its awesome I would like to get more information
Me: thank you sir surely I will tell you about this. Like the off screen gestures there are some of the on screen gestures
Like if you want to take a Screenshot on another phones you have to press some hard keys which can damage hard keys which are connected to motherboard ,here it’s so easy just swipe your 3 fingers on screen and your mobile screen shot is ready. Now suppose if you are on browser on doing some other work and you want to operate camera just pinch you 3 fingers on screen your camera will turn on where in other phones you have to go back to menu and have to open camera so it’s easy than other phone. If you double tap on screen display will get off so you can make it On Off whenever you want. If you are listening music and want to adjust a volume just drag your 2 fingers up and down as per you want asound. These are the on screen features now there are special features forsecurity..
Customer: it’s just awesome please go on. I am excited to hear..
Me: HaaHaa. Yes sir. In the security app you will get some important and usefulapps like
Memory cleanup: it helps to clear the using memory of applications and can seta reminder for cleaning a memory when it’s lower than 20% which will help youto keep your speed maintain
There a one more feature which is
App Encryption: it helps you to lock your any application by password orpattern lock so you don’t need to get any other app for it.
There is a data savin: Sir data saving can effectively prevent malicious software from running up data bills and sending spam information in the background so it can save your data
After that
Super Power Saving Mode: Super Power Saving Mode is basically made to give youa long use of battery it comes with the super power saving mode which will workfor 15 hours even your battery is a 20% so you will never miss you important calls
There is a
Quite Time Mode: Sir suppose you have got the leave for 2 days and you don’twant any calls from some people you can’t do it in another brands phone it’seasy to do in OPPO with quite time mode just select the contacts to whom you don’t want any calls and if it’s an important call you will get it only if the caller calls you 3 times in a 3 mints so you will not miss your important call
There is a permission monitor who will help to keep your data saving how??? just have a look when you use a WhatsAapp Facebook or true caller they made one agreement where it’s clearly mentioned that our service keeps yours data to our server like contacts, message mms photos and all and Sir they can use your datafor any use here you can take a control on it just select the application towhom you don’t want to give your data
and the last and the best is guest mode:guest mode is like a dual password system like we use in computer admin and user in this mode you can put two passwords for phone where one for personal use and second for others where you can hide your hide your contacts images videos and application the benefit is if the contacts are hidden and Guest mode is on the hidden contact call will be shown as a unknown call and the hidden application notification will not received on guest mode
Customer: amazing I love it but anything apart of this features??
Me: yes Sir there is a cloud storage in OPPO which calls a near me cloud whereyou will get 5GB of cloud data free there you can save your contacts messages and photos if you lose your data you can get it easy by going online on OPPO site apart of this if you forgot your phone at home you can divert your calls on your another number which you are carrying with you by just going online..
This is all the features of OPPO PI 2.0+ there are some beautiful features for camera like the 8MP of rear camera which is comes with 5P lenses that gives you the actual and filter image quality there are some important modes in the rear camera like
Audio photo: You can capture a photo and give a 10sec. of background voice so your image will be the live image with voice
GIF mode: the GIF mode helps to create an animated video of a photos this mode captures a 20 photos in a 3sec. and shows it in a video format so it will look more beautiful
Double Exposure: Double Exposure is a mode for the use when you want to createa creative image with assembling two images in a one picture it will work good and can capture an amazing and creative image
And last one is Beautify Mode:
in the beautify mode of OPPO camera your face will be shown clear and the spots or oily face gets reduce and it gives you the better quality
These all are the rear camera features now let’s turn to front camera..
The front camera of Neo5 is 2MP where you will get a audio photo gif mode as itis like rear camera.
but the beautify mode is different there are a 8 type of scene mode where you can give a direct effect to your image before clicking it so you don’t need togive a effect after click.

Customer: features are just amazing but what about sales after service?
Me: Sir OPPO is one and only company which provide you direct service centers of company where other brands are providing third party or franchises. So you can directly talk to OPPO and you will get fast service we have our service center in Jayanagar 3rd Block or you can contact to me if any issues,
Customer: And what is the cost of this product?
Me: Sir Price is 9990/- only with the cover and screen guard as acomplimentary.
Customer: Any discount?
Me: No Sir the price of OPPO is fixed all over the India there is no discount on OPPO products.
Customer: Okay then I would like to buy this product
Me: Sir there are two color option white gold and blue so which color?
Customer: I will go with blue color,
Me: okay Sir let’s make an bill
Customer: okay thanks lot for the deal.
Me: you are welcome and here is my contacts please call me if you have any problem.
Customer: Yes sure thanks a lot