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OPPO Neo 5 Sales Case Contest

Whois the Top Sale Person of Neo 5? Who has the excellence sales pitches to sharewith us? Who what to show everyone, that they are the best sales person inIndia.


Comeand join us to find out the best of you!

Representyour team to be the best and the first OSR to win a Brand-New Neo 5!

Who can participate inthe Contest?

Allthe promoters of OPPO India

How to select the bestones?

  1. Writedown your best sales case and share with us, you can give it to your regionaltrainer, or directly send to H.O. trainers.

  2. Wewill select the best one to win a brand new Neo 5 handset.

  3. Thewinner will be published in our WeChat platform “indiaoppo”

Winner OSRinformation and pictures along with Sales Case of the winner OSR.


Thecontest will take part in 2 rounds

Firstround: From June 23rd to July 10th

Secondround: From July 11th to July 30th


  1. English

  2. Hindi

  3. LocalLanguage +English

What I can get from thisContest?

Yourinformation, picture and article will be shown in our India WeChat Platform “indiaoppo”, all the OPPO teams willknow you and your excellent performance.

Youwill represent your region and OPPO of India.


“2 Brand-New Neo 5 handsets are waiting foryou”

How can I participatein this Contest?

Writeyour Sales Case and send it to us.

Alonewith that send us one handsome picture of yours.



Venue:M.K mobiles, Mumbai,INDIA

Customer:Young girl

Requiredphone (If he/she is not coming for OPPO directly): Samsung Grand Prime

Result:OPPO Neo 5


(AsI was switching place, I noticed a young girl looking at our phone, but ask me ifwe have Samsung Grand Prime. Hence I saying: Hi mam, welcome to OPPO. Here isSamsung Grand Prime, but I also bring our an OPPO Neo 5 demo. Then ...)

Send Address

  1. Sendthe sales case to your regional trainer

  2. WeChatPlatform “indiaoppo”

Followus and you can directly send your sales case to us

It’s time to stand up to show the whole India we arethe best OPPO team!!

Jai ho, OPPO!!