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IELTS Speaking Part 1 ( Names )

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers for Band 9 ( New Topic )

Topic 4 Name :

1-what's your name ?

You can call me Jamie , but I have Chinese name which is Zhang ,my Chinese buddy recommended it for me , not sure why ,yet I kinda like it as it is just easy to pronounce .

2-Do names mean anything in your culture ?

Oh yeah , definitely they do , a lot people are quiet cautious nowadays about picking names for their kids ,since name might mean beauty , or light ,good will ,or even power as well , although my name does not have a definition as my parents chose it in order to keep my family name for the next generation .

3-Do you want to change your name ?

To tell the truth ,yes I would like to have a new name , since it sounds a bit feminine to some people , I would love to have a name with a significant meaning like Joe or Ben , I can not do it now though as it is my family and my parents won't be happy if I get myself a new one .

4-What are the popular names in your country ?

Tom ,Jack , Adam ,Jaimie are very likable names for boys , Heather , Miara , May and Michelle are also very favorable for girls , I suppose people love to choose them for their kids as most of them mean beauty and delicacy .

5- will names change in the future ?

This a bit tricky question to answer , I am not quiet sure if mankind will still have name in 50 years from today , perhaps we might use code or some kind of figure to identify us which sounds very interesting for me ,yet no ones is certain if we will still keep names or not ,it is really hard to tell .

6- Do names have any connection with appearance?

Somehow yes , some names have been related with some individuals who have good look ,so when we hear the name on the phone without meeting the person it might give us the feeling that this person is handsome or rough etc.

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