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IELTS Speaking Part 1 ( Traffic )

IELTS Speaking Part 1 with Sample Answers ( New Topic )

Part One

Topic 1 Transportation:

1- How do you commute in your city ?

A - I use public transportation of course , although I do have a car and motorbike , but it ain't very convenient to drive them during the rush hours ,so it is better to take the subway if you don't want waste your time . ( 7.5 )

B- I ride my bike every day to school , it is much quicker than anything else in Beijing and it is cost effective . ( 6.5 )

2- How do you like the transportation system in your city ?

A - I gotta say ,it is pretty smooth and effective ,yet it has some drawbacks still , Beijing is swollen with people and there is a lot to do every year to enhance the public transportation , we need more subway and bus lines , expand roads and pave more lanes for bikes and motorcycles . ( 7.5 )

B- I don't like it at all , there are a lot of problems and it is inconvenient for us , I waste a lot of time everyday going to work ( 5.5 )

3- Does your country have a good traffic law ?

A- I am not really sure , I assume there must be some regulations of course , however a lot of us don't follow them as it is never really enforced by the relevant authority ,e.g ,you can always see walkers crossing the road when the lights are red , and many motorists drive their cars on the wrong lane or even the opposite direction. ( 8 )

B- yes , we do have a lot of laws for traffic ,like you can not drive too fast in the city , you can not honk the horn , you can not drive trucks downtown , I think these are good laws . ( 5.5 )

4- what transportation problems do commuters have to deal with every day ?

A - well , I reckon inconvenience is a major one as a lot of them would have to switch many bus and subway lines every day in order to get to their destination, safety is another big issue as well , they really have to be cautious on buses and trains as there are a lot of con men and pickpockets , beside that the fares have doubled recently and a lot them can not afford it anymore . (7.5 )

B- I think traffic congestion is the biggest problem that every commuter should deal with , so many people and cars are everywhere and it is hard to find a seat on the subway or train , and it is also hard to drive around . (5)

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