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Happy Happy Joy Joy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Things just got a little spicier in the thriving Amsterdam enclave of Old West. Chef Julius Jaspers has teamed up with design studio Concrete to create a bold and brash Asian street food joint dubbed Happy Happy Joy Joy, and it’s as loose and playful as its name implies. Concrete have gone to town with the concept, splitting the space into distinctive dining areas each with its own eye-popping fit-out and seating arrangements. The large central bar glows under internal red neon signage. A rear wall treated to look like Korean shipping containers allows diners to sit facing the bustling kitchen. The real visual action though is in the main dining room, where a ceiling of suspended red paper parasols and wall-to-wall collages of oriental posters and illustrations clash in harmony to create colourful chaos. Jasper’s small plate-driven menu dances across the continent, from satisfyingly deep and mellow 5-spiced pork to a Penang shrimp curry and renditions of pho, baos and dim sum, all naturally accompanied by on-table Sriracha, fish sauce, chopsticks and toothpicks.


  • Bilderdijkstraat 158