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New Book-[The Economy of God]-Chapter14-Part1


Many Christians know something about the cross, but they are not clear about the principle of the cross. What is the principle of the cross? According to the Scripture, God has two creations in the universe: the first is called the old creation, and the second the new creation. The new creation came into being by putting the old one to an end and starting something new. Only by putting the old creation to an end could the new creation come into existence. It was by the work of the cross that the old creation was put to an end, and it was through the cross that the new creation began in resurrection.


What are the constituents of the old creation? The first item in the old creation is the angels with the angelic life, and the second is man with the human life. These are two kinds of beings with two kinds of lives. The archangel, the head of the angels, became rebellious against God and became Satan, which means “the adversary of God.” Satan not only rebelled, but led the rebellion against God with a good number of angels following him. According to Revelation 12, one-third of the angels, the heavenly stars, followed Satan. These rebellious angels became the evil forces—the principalities, dominions, powers and authorities mentioned in Ephesians, chapters 1, 2, and 6. The rebellion of the angelic life produced the third and fourth items of the old creation: Satan and his kingdom.

Now let us briefly continue with the other items of the old creation. After the creation of the human life, the enemy of God also induced man to act against God. This act caused something to be injected into the human life, which was Sin—the singular, personified, and capitalized Sin. The very sinful nature and thought of Satan was injected into the human life. Sin in this universe was invented by the injection of the fallen angelic life into the human life. Sin was not created by God, but invented by the illegal union of the satanic life with the human life. So Sin is number five in the list of items in the old creation. And not only did singular Sin come into existence, but it also brought with it many sins. Therefore, the fruits of Sin, sins, are the sixth item on the list, including lying, murder, pride, fornication, etc. All these sins were produced from Sin.

The world is number seven. The world was not created by God. God created the earth, but Satan invented the world. Sin was invented in Genesis 3, but it was not until Genesis 4 that something was added to Sin, which was Satan’s invented world. What is the world? The world is the system of all human life under Satan. The Greek word for world is “kos-mos,” which means a “system.” God created man for Himself, but now Satan has systematized humanity. Man is no longer for God, but wholly systematized by Satan and for Satan.

Another item besides these in the old creation is death, which is the consequence of Sin and sins. The flesh—the transmuted body, poisoned and ruined by Satan—is also of the old creation. The body became flesh through the corruption of Satan as Sin. The old man is another item, which is nothing less than the whole man ruined by Satan. Man, who was originally created by God, is now ruined by Sin.

Next is the self. The soul was created by God, but has become the self, threatened and corrupted by the flesh. It is like the body. God originally created the body as a good and pure thing, but it was corrupted by Satan’s sinful nature and became the flesh. The same principle applies to the soul, which was created pure and good, but later was influenced by the flesh. It was threatened and then controlled by the flesh, thereby becoming the self. Just as Sin corrupted the body and it became the flesh, so the flesh influenced and controlled the soul and it became the self.

Finally, the 12th item is the whole creation. The whole creation was damaged and corrupted by the rebellion of the angelic life and by the transgression of the human life. This brought the whole creation under a kind of groaning because of the bondage of corruption (Rom. 8).

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