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China Trip For Under 5,000RMB?

Quality trip around China? For under 5,000RMB. Can it be done? Expats weigh in:

Bbloggs inquired:

"I'm looking for a special birthday experience in China, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon and she's coming over to China for a few weeks from the UK so I'm looking for something special that we can do together while she's out here.

I need to build the birthday present into this touristy itinerary - not much time to throw any massive changes in as we've got the flights and a few hotels booked already. Our plan is to spend a few days in Shanghai (champagne on rooftops/meal on the Bund or something), then head to Beijing for a few days (anything special to do there?). Got a nice hotel booked near the Great Wall at Mutianyu for a night, then one night in Xian for the Warriors then back to Shanghai. The best opportunities may be in or around Shanghai, or possibly Beijing.

I've looked for things like balloon flights over the Great Wall but with no luck. She wanted to hold a Panda but we don't have time to get to Chengdu. Generally she's up for anything involving being active/sports/animals/travelling/experiences. It would be a real bonus if I could sort something in China because then I can share the experience with her. Budget: approx 2000 RMB, flexible if its something I want to do too.

Any ideas anyone?"

Shanghai Noob:

"I've been on the Beijing Sideways motorbike day tour out to the Wall, amazing and unforgettable day out.

I also love hiking and have been out with Beijing Hikers maybe 15 times or so, recommended.

In Shanghai if you've not been to the ERA Circus then that's a worthwhile date with girlf. Prob only need to get the cheaper tickets as its in the round.

I've also been karting at Disc, indoor archery, Mr. X Mystery house escape rooms, up skyscrapers, guided walks, orchestras etc. Some of the more boring nights I've had in town involved champagne and the Bund, personally I'd prefer smaller/ more fun places/ cocktails in FFC. I took my mother to afternoon tea at the Peace Hotel which was nice but I'd say better for an older generation than a young couple, brunch at M on the Bund is nice if the weathers good, they also have string quartets sometimes.

I loved Xi'an (Warriors were OK, actually better than my rather low expectations) the street food around the Bell tower was great, the Mosque was one of the more beautiful religious buildings I've been in in China, bike riding the city walls was great in the sunshine and I really liked Temple of the Eight Immortals as we were the only people there.

Have a great Birthday with her!"

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