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The Top Five Favorite Local Food This Summer

The summer is about to end soon. We have loved the BBQ and Anhui cuisine on the street. We have loved the crazy seafood behind Maya Bar on Baishaquan. So, we’ve decided to let you get in on five of our favorite local food. Wanna be local? Read on…

Craving for the Crayfish
When the crayfish season starts, no one can resist the temptation. Ahhh, that moment when you first sit down to a plateful of mudbugs in your sweaty T-shirt and rip the crayfish into pieces with your greasy hands and finally wash it all down with a pint of ice cold beer – how fully delightful life is! You can find so many flavours and styles in crayfish restaurants. There’s the Sichuan style, Hunan style, stir fried with salt and pepper, thirteen spices, and this year’s newest way: ice cold crayfish sashimi. Crayfish sashimi has a high standard for the crayfish selected for this delight. They need to be big, absolutely alive, and you eat ‘em with soy sauce and wasabi, all while sipping on some single malt whisky, yum yum yum…
Lightning Shrimp閃電蝦 (Delivery): Follow their WeChat “閃電蝦” to order, signature dishes: 口味蝦 (Tasty crayfish), 川蜀麻辣小龍蝦 (Sichuan style crayfish).
Seeking Crayfish覓龍蝦: 328 Wen’er Road 文二路328號, 81020576. The champion of the Crayfish & Beer Festival by Dushi Daily. Every pot of crayfish is cooked with 9 bottles of beer, each one has the eggs, signature dish: 油燜龍蝦 (Braised crayfish)
Xiapu Xiapu 蝦哺蝦哺 (Delivery): Search “蝦哺蝦哺” on to order, signature dishes: 招牌秘制小龍蝦 (Signature crayfish), 秘制椒鹽小龍蝦 (Signature crayfish)
Wanjiangmen Crayfish 望江門小龍蝦: 227 Wangjiang Road 望江路227號, 81800131

The Daisy-like Shaomai
Shaomai first originated in Mongolia. Later on, it spread to Beijing, Tianjin, then to Shanghai and Guangzhou. The difference between the northern and the southern style is mainly the filling. Northern shaomai is pork/beef with vegetables; the southern ones are glutinous rice with a little pork and vegetables. We really don’t know when the northern style snuck into Hangzhou, but these shaomai restaurants are becoming all the rage. Plated, the steamed shaomai look like daisies. Inside, the minced pork is mixed with chopped bamboo shoots or shrimp. Take a bite, and let the juices mix with the meat, mmm… so good. Lick your lips, have one more!!
Xiaomaige小麥哥鮮筍燒麥: 文三路463號, 81387873; 古墩路385號, 87006199; 文三西路398號, 81969889; 惠民路20號, 86781770
Bangchui Shaomai 棒槌燒賣: 166 Gudun Road 古墩路166號, 81061004; North Zhongshan Road and Yesutang Lane 中山北路耶穌弄堂; Dragon Stadium, 1 Huanglong Road 黃龍路1號黃龍體育中心, 87096632; 629 North Jianguo Road 建國北路629號, 86727950; 165 Hedong Road 河東路165號, 13605715648
Flower Lane Bamboo Butyl Dumpling 花坊筍丁燒麥: 504, 5/F, Mr. Box, 294 Wenyi Road 文一路294號集盒5樓504商鋪, 18058810700; 194 Gudun Road 古墩路194號, 15325886311; 69 Desheng Road 德勝路69號, 15372060200

The Midnight Baozi
Of course we’ve all had baozi, but this special little place is like no other. Haohai Xiaochi doesn’t open until 10:30pm, and it couldn’t be smaller: maximum four tables and two to three workers who are busily making baozi, that’s it. But, after midnight, you can see all sorts of fancy cars parked outside. People head here just after finishing drinking. The baozi are small, so you can’t get just one – their addictive. The boss told me that one time someone ordered two hundred. Sadly, the price has gone up from 0.5RMB to 1RMB recently. But, come on! Is there anything better than a few baozi after a night of drinks? They’re tasty and cheap. The perfect midnight comfort food.
Haohai Xiaochi 昊海小吃: 54 Baochu Road 保俶路54號, 13067882783

The Chongqing Noodle
If you’ve ever been to Chongqing, then you surely know that they cannot eat even one meal without chili. In the morning, you’ll see everyone – be they sexy street girls or suited businesspeople – all sitting roadside enjoying their bowls of RED noodles, without any regard to the way they look. They’re eating Chongqing xiaomian, which can easily be found around every complex. These places sell bowls of the spicy stuff at only 5-8RMB – each bowl contains more than twenty spices. From last year, Chongqing xiaomian began to blow up in Hangzhou. The owners are all from Chongqing. Xiaomian literarily means small noodle. It’s a type of mala noodles in a bone soup. You can ask the restaurant to make it without soup, or make the noodles a bit chewier, or add more vegetables or chili. It’s the food that Chongqing people love the most, so if you like mala burning your tongue, you must give it a try.
Yimian Shancheng 一面山城: 399 West Wenyi Road 文一西路399號; 879 Moganshan Road 莫乾山路879號, 18757598597; 290 Lianhua Street 蓮花街290號, 15990161727
Chongqing Xiaomian 重慶小面: 48 Xinhua Road 新華路48號, 18458882871
Xiaomianmian Chongqing Xiaomian 小面面重慶小面: 393-2 Fengqi Road 鳳起路393-2號

The Hangzhou Old Flavour
Don’t you just miss the flavor that you grew up with? Yes, you can still find it somewhere, but nothing tastes exactly like before anymore, does it? If you are an old Hangzhouvian, I’m sure you won’t feel strange with dishes like Sour and Sweet Pork (糖醋裡脊), Stir-Fried Shrimps (油爆蝦), Vegetarian Chicken Braised in Soy Sauce (紅燒素雞), Steamed Minced Pork with Dried Fish (肉餅蒸鯗), Drunken Crab (咸嗆蟹), Sautéed Duck (滷鴨), Eight Treasures in Soy Sauce (八寶醬丁), Deep Fried Tofu Skin (乾炸響鈴), Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea (龍井蝦仁), or Hangzhou Smoked Fish (杭州熏魚). With a very friendly price, you may just find it again… that taste in your memory.
Good Canteen 好食堂: Xiyanghong Road夕陽紅路 (50m inside of lane next to Yuquan Hotel 玉泉飯店旁巷子往裡50米)
Hangzhou Restaurant 杭州酒家: 1-3/F, 205 Yan’an Road 延安路205號1-3樓, 87087123

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