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SSBA-SCS:Monthly Power Networking Luncheon

Monthly Power

Networking Luncheon

E-commerce and O2O marketing become more and more popular topics in business environment, Effie Jiang, who joined Tasty Singapore Food Product Centre established by IESingapore and Singapore Food Manufacturers Association in 2013, is going to share her experience of the spoken theme. If you would like to learn something about Collaboration with Tmall, Jing Dong and other 5 platforms for Singapore Pavilion through both normal trading model and cross border trading model, or how to use Social media (wechat & weibo) for product promotion, join us in SSBA Power Networking Luncheon on 16th Sep!


Cross Border Trading Developments in China


16th Sep 2015




Orchard CRC


Food Choices

A. Chicken Rice

B. Bak Kut Teh

C. Prawn Noodle

Drink: Barley free flow

Events Language


Events Contents

Speech, Lunch, Networking


Member~rmb60 / Non-member~rmb80



15 Sep, 2015, 17:00


Effie Jiang蔣仲樂,General Manager of Tasty Singapore Food Product Centre

Effie Jiang is General Manager of Tasty Singapore Food Product Centre in China- a joint initiative by IESingapore and Singapore Food Manufacturers Association. She heads up promoting and marketing Singapore brands, products and manufacturers through offline and online channels in China, especially for food. She has over 12 years experience managing import & export, marketing and sales for food service, supermarket and e-commerce, strategic initiatives, mergers & acquisitions and alliances for big Singapore investment projects in China. She was born in Shanghai, studied and works in both China and Singapore. She received her master degree from National University of Singapore major in Project Management and her undergraduate degree from Shanghai Fudan University major in Computer Science and Technology and part-time diploma in MIS & NUS extension for Asia Pacific Marketing.

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