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Visualisation for sucessful sales

Visualisation for sucessful sales

Visualization is a powerful meditative practice often used in coaching. All great achievers have something in common: They are visualizers. For them achieving a goal is as simple as first visualizing it in their minds first.

Oprah Winfrey is the perfect example: She pushed herself from poverty and abuse to become one of the most successful and wealthiest woman in the world. Tiger Woods (the best golfer in the world) visualizes exactly where he wants the golf ball to fall. Michael Jordan practices shooting hoops while sitting on the side line. Olympic athletes visualize themselves winning the gold medal in their minds first, before actually achieving it and YOU CAN do this too.

As Stephen Covey says: One of the keys of visualising is starting with the end in mind, envisioning what you want in the future will tell you what to make a reality.

Let's apply the following steps to attract the most successful sales:


Clear and relax your mind first. Start focusing on your breath for a few minutes.


Create a mental cinema screen in front of your eyes.


Try to make your visualization as detailed as possible, this will make the practice more productive.


Close your eyes and think of the most successful sale you already achieved. Maybe it was to conquer your dream buyer, the one who brought your greatest turnover. Maybe it was to collaborate with the most prestigious brand you wanted to add to your client portfolio. How did it feel? How did you celebrate? What were you wearing? What sounds, voices, words were you hearing? Feel the joy, the happiness, the sense of achievement!


Keep your eyes closed and jump into the screen to watch the situation not as an spectator, but from your own eyes, the main character's ones. Imagine yourself at the end of the year achieving much more than you thought it was possible. Imagine yourself pitching at that client you were chasing, signing that contract you were trying to close for one year, getting the most challenging and impressive account. Imagine your excel document, ERP, SAP... with an impressive turnover, you exceeded your sales target! Your relatives, your supervisors are congratulating you for your new clients and for your impressive turnover!


How are you celebrating this much success? What are you wearing? what are you hearing? Who are you with? Experience the feeling of happiness and that sense of achievement again: All that hard and smart work behind you was more than worth it!

How would your life/work be different today if you always trusted that all these successful sales were possible?

Make your practice even more powerful by writing what you saw. Your mind will show you amazing possibilities that you didn’t even think about before and you may not want to forget them.

When you imagine a future successful sales career and your contribution to your clients, your subconscious will be working to make it happen!

Adrian likes to use science. And even science backs this up. Visualisations are so effective as they assist in forming neurological pathways for future actions to take place. They can also help activate the Recticular Activation System which helps our subconcious create the visualization piece by piece or, opportunity by opportunity. Visualizations are widely used and proven system. We wish you the best of success.


Henar is passionate about Personal and Career Development. She is from Spain but loves life in Shanghai. To follow Henar's personal Wechat : Henarcita

Pictures Courtesy of Thomas Mc Callion