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Self Mastery Events, Details and Address

Saturday 25th July, One day only.


10am - 4pm.

Tea, Coffee, Drinks, Materials Provided.

Lunch not included, a wide selection of restaraunts and take away just outside.

Invest 600 RMB. We are limited and there are only 4 spots left.

Discounts if paid by Friday, brining a friend or attending both events. (Self Mastery and Sunday's The Art of Influence and Coaching).


Main Conference Room,

Level 4F, 285, W. Jianguo Lu


(Big Thanks to Michelle for organising the venue!)

The BREAK Free System

Imagine being able to break through any barriers that are holding you back. In The BREAK Free System, you will smash though any limiting beliefs, previous conditioning and negative associations that you have had throughout your life. You will create lasting change that will help pivot you in a new direction from which we will rebuild.

The Rapid Reconditioning Solution

The Rapid Recondition Solution will help you discover your core values and beliefs that will drive your new life. You will feel much more secure having the certainty and clarity of your new mindset. Now in control of your life with a new positive mindset you will no longer concentration the pain of past experiences.

Reconstruct and recondition your mindset in a way that allows you to truly take control of your life once and for all.. you will choose to listen to … take control, you choose your won life.. surround yourself environment with things that support you.

The Limitless Formula

The Limitless Formula gives you a clear focus on what you want from life. Equated to a focused beam of light that will guide both your unconscious and conscious along a bright new path. Full of value, growth, significance and that sense of connection to not only yourself, but to the world around you.

The Limitless Formula allows you effectively sling shot yourself into a direction that you choose and gain the ultimate edge.

The Power Productivity Package

The Power Productivity Package gives you the tools necessary to dominate your day. The insights you will learn will allow you to create lasting habits and change to become the best that you can be. Manage time with ease and understand the step by step process for quick successful results.

This package allows you to gain so much more control of your time and effectiveness you can expect your salary to increase rapidly.

The Relationship Mastery System

By understanding the RMS Master your relationships with friends, family and colleagues. In this system you will learn techniques to create lasting connection with people instantaneously. If you are looking for marriage, dating or just to have a closer circle of friends, this system is a full proof way to understand human dynamics in an easy concise way that can be implemented instantaneously.

In the RMS we learn the keys to all human behavior. How to connect instantaneously with others. And why some relationships flourish while others drown.

Happy Healthy Habits

Learn what it takes to master your health in a simple, easy to use formula. Understand what foods you need to your mind focus and keep you energized. Many people associate health with body, however health is also very connected to mind and some of these habits can help reduce procrastination, depression and addictions.

Understand how to keep your body in the best condition and what daily habits to adopt to keep you fit and healthy. By the end of this section you will know what it takes to be on your perfect path in mind and body.

RSVP your seat now!

RSVP Direct to Adrian (Adi) 13621908402

or Wechat ID: Adriannqld


Main Conference Room,

Level 4, 285 Jinguo West Lu

(Big Thanks to Michelle for organising the venue!)

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