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Just 3 Seconds to Open a New Chapter

“Ticktock, ticktock ticktock, 3 seconds had gone.” The time has passed in a snap and you might have done nothing but stared blankly. However, the world might have changed in 3 seconds only.

Just 3 seconds, the calculation of solar radiation energy can reach 3.826×10^33×3 ERG, which is equivalent to the explosive energy of 90 billion megaton hydrogen bombs.

Just 3 seconds, light had already run 899377374 meters.

Just 3 seconds, 78 million people are added to the global community each year with 7.2 babies being born per 3 seconds. According to UN projection, the next milestone will occur in 2025 with the 8 billion global population.

Just 3 seconds, the arable land would reduced by 6900 square meters; the natural forest would disappear 15300 square meters and 5700 square meters for deserts expanded.

Just 3 seconds, Apple can get $13620 in revenue, but it is still less than Samsung with $19458 in revenue.

Just 3 seconds, the heartbeats of three times has delivered to the body with 180ml blood, and the lifecycle would probably has 3 billion frequency.

Just 3 seconds, the Cubestromer 3 can reset a magic cube.

Just 3 seconds, 3-Eleven of Lotus, the fastest roadster in the world, can reach 100km/h speed.

Just 3 seconds, Gareth Bale can pass the ball to future self and finish the clutch shoot.

Just3 seconds, the dirty toilet can instantly be clean.