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Have you ever heard about the knowledge of BM?

An unobstructed bowel movement should be the best moment for most of people. However, what do you know about the BM? Now let’s go and know it.

1. Man’s first landing on the moon was a feat of great daring and Armstrong was not only left his footprints but also his excrement.

2. Do you believe that wombat can find the way to home by its poo poo? What an amazing world.

3. When you’re making a wish for meteors, you may wish for s**t from the space station.

4. Book’s fragrance can help defecation. This phenomenon was found by Japanese and named it as Aoki Madokako. Although we do not have any scientific basis to explain why we would have this feeling when we entered the bookstore. Maybe the reason is printing ink. So if you got the trouble about constipation, a book is enough.

5. Touch a “stool” and turn it into gold

There is a gold powder capsule that has been popular in Japan recently. The gold powder can not be digested so the users would see the gold stool during the BM.

6. You can drink the toilet water.

It’s not a joke.

You can drink the toilet water.

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