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New arrival products

Item: Escalator comb 24T

Modelnumber: XAA453CD1

Size: 203.184*139.2*101.7*8.466 mm

Suitablefor: OTIS

AF-ID: AF-OT80507B


Modelnumber: QS30FF400


AF-ID: AF-QT10619

Item: Push button

Original No. A3N10381

Size: 38*38*30mm

Suitable for: BLT

AF-ID: AF-QT00299

Item: Escalatorfriction wheel

Modelnumber: GAA266AL

Original No. :FW2140617-5

Size: 692*35*215*6mm

Suitable for: OTIS

AF-ID: AF-OT80241A

Item: controller

Model number: BLT

OriginalNo. : MPK-708AC
Size: 245*145*70 mm

Suitable for: Hitachi


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