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Chinese netizens react to foreigners partying on the metro

You’ve seen people sleeping on Shanghai metro, fighting for a seat, playing video games or watching TV shows without wearing headphones. But besides being treated as Ikea’s beds, an ayi battlefield and people’s very own living rooms, it seems a group of foreigners have come up with a new use for the Shanghai metro - a playground.

Sunday evening saw a group of foreigners having fun on metro Line 6 while - shock, horror - apparently somewhat inebriated. Witnesses on the train posted pictures of them drinking beers, swinging on hand rails and kicking each other. One girl even gave one of the guys a giant wedgie:

Naturally, the Chinese internet has practically gone into meltdown over the images. You know the melodramatic 'outrage' that the foreign press resorts to when Chinese tourists are caught 'misbehaving' abroad? Turns out China can do that too. Here are a few choice comments from users on Weibo:

@羔腿子: 'This kind of young, trashy foreigners are everywhere. We Chinese love foreigners too much, so we tolerate whatever they do here. Some foreigners come here and don't even bother to learn some Chinese. I won't be talking to them in English here.'

@Mr_FAN先生: 'These people should be evicted out of our country.'

@用戶5338835387: 'Foreigners come here being the king. We Chinese go out and are treated like shit.'

@不想說話的粉絲: 'Some people must be thinking these foreigners are cute and funny.'

@榴蓮芒果小冰冰: 'Wow, they're so civilised.'

Maybe those foreigners need a few tips on how to behave: