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Plastic Surgery Unable to Save Executive From Get Arrested

By Terry

According to Jiangxi Province police authority on Thursday said an investment executive accused of embezzling millions of dollars and subsequently to fled to Thailand and underwent facial surgery has been arrested.

Police report shows that the fugitive, surnamed He, was on Nov 25, captured in Pattaya, Thailand, shortly after returning from a trip to Bangkok, where he had undergone surgery to evade detection.

An arrest warrant was issued for him by a Chinese local court in July, and the Ministry of Public Security listed him on Interpol's red notices.

He is said to have embezzled 160 million Yuan ($24.7 million) from January 2013 to July this year as the legal representative of an investment management company and is also accused of illegal fundraising.

Police officers could barely recognize him during the arrest encounter.

"The changes are conspicuous. He got double eyelid surgery and removed fat around his cheeks, although his body shape remained roughly the same," said a police officer surnamed Huang. "Clues led us to believe that he went for laser eye surgery."

The tactic is rare but not unheard for China's international fugitives.

In the late 1990s, a famous Chinese fugitive, Chen Manxiong, lived in Thailand as a businessman for five years unnoticed by bleaching his skin and hiding his identity, though the law finally caught up with him and he was arrested.

According to China's anti-corruption authorities, more than 700 Chinese fugitives suspected of involvement in economic crimes have been brought home from abroad since April to stand trial,

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