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The Way to Self-Knowledge

Within oneself one bears the seed of one's own divinity, and one must become a willing co-operator with the creative power behind the universe if one is to achieve one's real destiny. We must exercise our will to become conscious.



This is an introduction to Esoteric Psychology based on the Gurdjieff System of human development with some reference to the writings of J. Krishnamurti. To live in a truly creative and dynamic way, that is, according to the basic laws of one's being, most of us would need to feel, and think in a completely new way.


Man Know Thself

Only by knowing oneself can one come to understand the Universe. Most people feel unfulfilled and don't understand why, many using mass excitements to solve their problems of inner boredom, frustration and futility. As most psychology deals only with mental and emotional phenomena, and not with the whole human being, it too cannot solve these problems. The solution is to engage in one's own conscious evolution by tapping into the vast store of inner peace, beauty and harmony.


The Way to Self-Knowledge

Eastern psychology visualizes human beings as having seven interpenetrating bodies of increasing density: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. If we focus on the lower three, which comprise our ordinary self, then we tend to emphasize personal satisfaction in terms of pleasure and the avoidance of pain, i.e. our life is sense-based, and we are victims of emotional swings between pleasure (expansion) and pain (diminution-depression), and of a continuous search for fulfillment through money, power and ambition, or through immersing oneself in work, philosophical or artistic pursuits, or religion. Real satisfaction and happiness are to be found by looking beyond the ordinary self to "something" not capable of being contacted by the senses, and by living according to our fundamental Self rather than our ordinary self, i.e. our divine self, which is rooted in the same Creative Essence that created the external Universe.