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Osho: Allow Silence To Grow

It is a very simple thing. People go on talking, ninety-nine percent, unnecessarily. One percent perhaps may be necessary but that can be written. Just keep a notebook with yourself and watch your mind for, why do you want to say something? Is it necessary? Is it going to serve any purpose? Or it is just the fear of silence that makes you talk?

The fear of being alone that makes you talk? Because that is the only communication you feel with somebody. If two persons are sitting silently, they may be sitting very close but they are as far away as they can be.

In silence the distance is infinite, because there is no link that joins them. Even strangers cannot sit for a few minutes silently. Immediately they start asking about the other, where he is going, what is his name.

When you say something to somebody to unburden, you are unburdening yourself but you are burdening the other person, which is not good. And as your silence will grow, you will be surprised.

Just as you can burden people with your words, you can hold their hand in silence and you can unburden them with your silence. It works the same way, and that is therapeutic. Then just the presence of somebody, if he is really silent, will be unburdening to you. Just feeling his silence, his presence, and you will feel so much burden, so many tensions, anxieties, have simply dropped.

If one becomes attuned with silence, accustomed to remaining silent, then whatever he says has a profound meaning because it is something condensed. It is out of silence. And whenever a word comes out of silence it has tremendous weight, authority, conviction. It has a life, it is not a dead word. And that can be felt very easily.

Then you are speaking from your very being. The mind is being used only as a mechanism, but the message is coming from deeper down. And it will reach to the other person exactly to the same depth as it has come from you. All that is needed on the other person’s side is openness, receptivity.

So, in a commune particularly, where everybody is making all his effort to be open, to be receptive, it is good to be silent. It is beneficial to be silent. It is a blessing to the whole commune to be silent. That does not mean that you cannot speak. I am not saying that, “Repress, don’t speak.” I am saying, “Allow silence to grow, slowly. And whenever there is a need to speak something, speak. But let it come out of your silence. And then see the difference. Then it comes like an arrow which goes directly to the other person’s very heart.” Silence makes one really a poet. Each word spoken out of silence is poetry, is music.