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NewsTurbo insight: Weekly review of China's auto market

Source: NewsTurbo | Date: Dec. 19

After reviewing this week's automotive coverage from China's major media outlets, we found one piece of good news for the NEV sector: local governments have begun taking practical action to support the popularization of NEVs.

I Efforts made by both the central and local governments to promote NEVs

A. National government

  • Five ministries are soliciting opinions on awarding policies for NEV charging facilities during the 2016-2020 period

  • China has begun to accept NEV recommendations for the 2016-2020 period

  • 2016 national subsidy for full-electric vehicles will start at RMB 25,000

B. Local governments

  • Unified standards for vehicle registration, traffic, emissions, and elimination will be available in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

  • Tianjin launches Internet Plus NEV Project to deal with smog

  • Buyers of NEVs in Yuncheng (Shanxi province) will enjoy both national and local-subsidies starting January 2016

  • Yichang government bodies (Hubei province) issue first tax-free policy for NEVs

  • Anhui province sees the establishment of its first IT-based charging station

  • The Cangzhou government (Hebei province) issues RMB 78.7 million in subsidies for NEVs

  • The Ningbo government launches its second batch of 234 NEVs, with subsidies hitting RMB 10 million

  • Shanghai boasts NEV sales of 40,000 units and 16,000 charging piles;

IIAutomakers' NEV sector progress

  • Audi plans new fuel-cell vehicle with a driving range of 500km

  • Toyota expands its removable hydrogen refueling stations

  • Volkswagen CES launches Microbus EV concept vehicle

  • Ford will spend about RMB 150 billion on EV development by 2020

  • Mercedes-Benz expected to introduce ELC Electric Version SUV in 2018, boasting a driving range of 400km

  • Shaanxi Yuedi New Energy Vehicle Co wins approval from the Chinese government to produce and sell NEVs

  • SAIC sells 9,100 Roewe e550 plug-in hybrids in January-November period