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Taste tested: black and white Snoopy burgers at Mcdonald's

There was a time when a McDonald's movie tie-in just meant a little plastic toy in your Happy Meal. Not any more. To celebrate/promote the release of the new Snoopy film, McDonald's have unveiled two new burgers - one 'white' and one black:

Looks... weird. But it's not even the first time they've done this. They've produced black and white burgers before, which means either they've sold pretty well in the past or Ronald McDonald bought a job lot of food colouring on the cheap and is now desperately trying to offload it in China. Or both.

Anyway, for the Snoopy burgers, McDonald's has come up with two fillings - 'Sichuan pork' and 'Thai-style chicken'. Naturally, the real things bear little relation to how they appear in the adverts:

The white one is the 'Sichuan pork'. The advertising says that the meat is 'torn' or 'shredded'. That may be so, but in between our pasty looking bun all we get is a vaguely spicy kind of paste - a mala mush. It's not reach-for-a-bucket disgusting, but we can imagine the good people of Sichuan being pretty offended at having their name and cuisine associated with food this bland. We make our way through a couple of bites before admitting defeat and turning to the 'Thai chicken' option.

The black bun is pretty unappealing and the filling looks as though it might be a slightly different flavoured version of the white burger's mush. But, perhaps due to our rock bottom expectations, it's actually passable. Relatively of course. We're not saying that it's a better option than going to T for Thai or anything, but compared to the white burger it's at least edible.

So in summary, neither of the burgers is much to write home about, but then this is McDonald's - what did you expect? We felt we should write this anyway though, just in case you were curious after having seen those posters around town with the cute cartoon dog and the special burgers... But really, don't do it.