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The Cost Of Living In Shanghai

Wondering about the cost of living in Shanghai? Expats weight in.

vinayakk inquired:

"Am planning to move to Shanghai from mid Jan 2016 and just wanted to evaluate cost of living over there. My office will be at Hitech Park, Zhangjiang and I would be staying somewhere around in a 1 BHK flat or on sharing basis with somebody.

I am not a heavy drinker nor very much a party goer but would be using lot of internet, Phones etc and would avoid cooking on my own.

Information is very less but still I would ask what should be my average salary or how much I would be spending around in a month?

(Approximate costs with plus or minus 2k can be estimated)."

Mister_happy answered:

"Shanghai has just hit the no 1 spopt in Asia for expats to live ... for-expats

So ask for a pay increase and extra for your cost of renting an appartment."

Shanghai Noob added:

"On a lighter note, Shanghai's a massive city and you can live fairly cheaply (public transport, cheap eating, shitloads of places to see but requires basic Chinese) or vastly expensive (driver/ Uber, overpriced fancy restaurants, eating western branded goods and only going to visiting western exhibitions/ theatre/ music)

Or you can go for a mix of the two. As for salary, I don't think I know anyone who took a pay cut to come here and every expat I know gets between 10-45k for rent plus other benefits. But then the people I know don't stay indoors in a Zhangjiang apartment (middle of nowhere) excessively 'using' the internet and their phones.

I appreciate the Mercer ranking as my pay is linked to it but I think it's complete nonsense. Or rather, the basket of goods reflects American family life with zero flexibility/ adaptability or language skills. In Shanghai there's the possibility to live cheaply, in Tokyo or Singapore less so."

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