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Travelling while making money

Lv Wenwen's customers were on their travel in Japan's Hokkaido.
Due to her love for travel, and with years of travel experience, Lv Wenwen, a 32 year old Chongqing native, established a company dedicated to customizing travel routes for customers, and she herself became a travel customizer.
Different from group travel or independent travel, customized travel allows travelers to travel along routes customized according to one's personal preferences and demands. Now, Lv, leading her team, has customized over 100 personalized travel routes for over 1,000 customers.
ravel customizer Lv Wenwen was in Japan.
"The so-called customized travel sets up independent travel routes for customers according to their wishes and preferences to make the travel filled with personality while giving consideration to the principle of making ends meet." Lv, who used to be a media worker, is now a travel customizer.
The road book customized by Lv Wenwen's team for customers.