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Indian Court Sets Rapist Free

By Terry

Of the six men convicted of raping a young woman on a bus in New Delhi in 2012, the youngest has been set free. The Top Court India released a statement saying it no longer had the power to detain the young man further. This came a day after he had been let go following three years of incarceration.

At the time the crime was committed, the said young was seventeen and according to India's law for juveniles, had received the maximum sentence. This incident had caused uproar all over the nation and across the globe and had received a lot of media coverage. It went on to reveal the poor treatment of women in the nation as a policeman attested to the fact that a woman is raped in the country every twenty minutes.

Now that this man had been let go, several individuals and groups feel disappointed at India's law in connection to young offenders.

Delhi Commission for Women has tendered a petition before The Supreme Court demanding a longer sentence for the man.

"Everything had happened in accordance with the law," the two judges said in their ruling. "We need legislative sanctions" to take any action, they said.

The young man along with five adult companions of his had lured the 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist and her male friend onto a bus in Delhi, where they had repeatedly raped the woman and mauled both individuals with a metal bar before dumping them on a road.

Two weeks later, the young woman had died due to the extensive injuries she had sustained. Four of the adults received a death sentence while the fifth committed suicide in his prison cell by hanging. The death sentences are however yet to be carried out.

Accusing the teenager of being violent, the police reported that he had pulled out part of the woman's intestines with his hands.

One of his lawyers, Ashok Verma, declined to comment.

Swati Maliwal, the head of Delhi Commission for Women, informed reporters outside the court that the national government had gravely let its citizens down by failing to review the law under which anyone below the age of 18 can only receive a maximum sentence of three years.

"In the end the court said we share your concerns," she said. "But the law is weak, we can't do anything."

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