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This Week in Sports: NFL, Premier League & Bowl Season

Howdy folks,

2015 is just about over in sports but we got a whole bunch of games still coming up before we kick in the NCAAF Bowl Season. There will be a further update on the Bowls but for now, here is what's on the screens this week:

This Weekend in Sports:

Saturday 12/26

- EPL: Stoke City vs Man U (8:30 p.m)
- EPL: Liverpool vs Leicester (11:00 p.m)

Sunday 12/27

- NFL: Redskins vs Eagles (9:30 a.m)

Monday 12/28

- NFL: Cowboys vs Bills (2:00 a.m)
- NFL: Packers vs Cardinals (5:30 a.m)

Tuesday 12/29

- NFL: Bengals vs Broncos (9:30 a.m)

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