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Past and present buses in Chongqing

Buses are the mirrors of a city. When in Chongqing, have you ever thought of knowing the past and present buses in Chongqing?
The earliest bus in Chongqing
Chongqing's first bus was born in 1929 and it ran on what was then Chongqing's first road from Qixinggang to Zengjiayan with a total distance of 3.5km and a ticket price of one silver dollar and ten cents.
The packing box of the first bus was placed with benches as seats, but don't look down upon the buses at that time for they all were Benz vehicles with Mobil oil imported from the US as the fuel.
Air-pocket buses
Air-pocket buses were originated in China's oil shortage period in the 1960s. At that time, coal bed gas was used and the top of a bus was a rubber package "wrapping" the coal bed gas that was fixed with a rope.
The first trolley bus: No. 401, 402, 405
The first trolley bus in Chongqing was born in 1956 and retired in 2004, which has been on service for 48 years.
The earliest articulated bus
In the middle and late 1980s, the carrying capacity of a bus mainly relied on adding the length of the bus, so articulated buses became popular.
The bus with most beautiful night views: No. 503
The No. 503 bus ran almost along the river bank from Ciqikou Dongmen (east gate) Station to Jiumatou (nine wharves) on Changbin Road where one could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river of nearly 17km. With the river wind blowing, one could travel around great Chongqing following the river water while enjoying the night views.