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Beijing gathers opinions on its VI vehicle emission standards

Source: China Industry News | Date: Dec. 7

  • The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has been soliciting opinions on the draft versions of the Beijing VI vehicle emission standards, which include the standards for light- and heavy-duty vehicles as well as heavy-duty engines.

  • The Beijing VI standards are set to be the strictest vehicle emission standards in the world. According to the bureau, each light-duty petrol car or heavy-duty diesel vehicle will have their emissions cut by 40 to 50% following the implementation of the Beijing VI standards. In four to five years, about 50% of the vehicles in Beijing will meet the standards. Accordingly, vehicle emissions in the city will be reduced by 20 to 30% by 2022.

  • In addition to having stricter control on emission limits, the Beijing VI standards will raise carmakers’ awareness of their responsibility, obliging them to make their vehicles meet relevant standards within their life spans.

  • Sources say that the Beijing VI vehicle emissions standards are scheduled to go into force on Dec. 1, 2017.