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New Message[What shall we do on December 25?]

Current Events in the Light of the Scriptures
December is before us, and those in the denominations are celebrating Christmas again. In the opinion of many believers, to celebrate Christmas and to set aside a day during the year to remember the birth of the Savior is a very good thing. I dare not despise the opinion of God's children. However, other than man's opinion, there is still a unique standard-God's Word, the Bible. Our question and what we are concerned with is not what men say, but what God has said. "Thus saith the Lord" is the highest court for everything.
Is there a command in the Bible for us to remember the Lord's birth? If God's children would ask this question, they would be enlightened by God's light. But what a pity that many have forgotten the need to ask this question. According to the Bible, the Lord only commanded us to remember His death at His supper. He did not command us to celebrate Christmas or Easter! These festivals are the poison left from Catholicism! A man who firmly believes in the Bible would surely agree that what God has not commanded is as meaningful as what He has commanded. Many have said: "God has not forbidden us to celebrate Christmas." But has God commanded that we celebrate it? One of the most lamentable things is that believers would search the Scriptures to find justification for their sins and their lust. "Since the Bible has not forbidden this, why can't we do it?" Oh, how I wish that God's children would not say such a word! May God strengthen us to say, "If God has not commanded, how would I dare to do it?"