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Foreigners' football team in Chongqing

The first team players of Chongqing International Football Club are from different countries.
There is an international amateur football team formed by foreigners from over 30 countries from various continents such as Asia, Africa, Europe and North America in the amateur football circle in Chongqing. Some of them are diplomats at consulates of different countries in Chongqing, some are college teachers, while some are transnational enterprise managers. In the past five years, they have kept playing against football lovers in Chongqing and are a little known in the circle.
Ivan, who is the president of the club, said that Hans Halskov – the Consul of the Danish Consulate-General initiated the establishment of the football team in 2010. After Halskov left the team, Ivan became the second president of the club.
Mark, a midfield player from Germany, has played amateur football for 20 years. In his view, although the overall football level in Chongqing is not as high as that of Germany, there is no lack of players with good skills, and some even have better skills than their German peers. He said that the Chongqing International Football Club he played for could rank in the top ten among the amateur teams in Chongqing, but there are several teams that play better than them.