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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part11

It is not a matter of method. If you read the whole New Testament, you cannot discover one method. If I have any method at all it is this: first, you must be put on the cross; second, you must feed on Christ in the spirit day by day; third, when you are nourished and full of Christ, you need to nourish others with Christ. Then the church will come into being. The only method is to go to the cross, feed on Christ, and nourish others with Christ.

The other thing that troubles me is this: Though we have been talking so much about Christ as our life, I fear that we only know this as a message, as a term, as a subject; we do not have the daily and hourly experiences. We need to be continually regulated and anointed by Him. Daily and hourly we must feed on Him and have intimate fellowship with Him. We need to forget about ourselves and contact Him, enjoy Him, be regulated by Him, and anointed by Him all the time. This is the inner life, the inward experience of the indwelling Christ. I would recommend to you the book written by Andrew Murray, entitled, The Spirit of Christ. It will be a great help—not to gain knowledge, but to experience the indwelling Christ in your daily life. As you let Christ be your daily food, you can testify to the whole universe: “I am tasting Christ day by day. I am having such an intimate, living fellowship with Him hour by hour. I am under His regulating and His anointing all the time.” We all need to pay full attention to this matter. This is the mark of God’s economy. If we miss this mark of God’s economy in our spirit, how can His economy be worked out in the Church? When you drive your car, you know where to put the gasoline and where to start it; that is the mark of running your car. If you lose that mark, though you may have a very beautiful car, it will not run!