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Chongqing girl teaches diving in Thailand's Kho Tao

After having a vacation of over half a month in her hometown, Chongqing girl Wu Chengyan has already returned to Thailand to enjoy the sunshine. She is a professional diving instructor at Kho Tao – the world-famous "diving factory" and to dive in the blue sea under the blue sky is her hobby as well as her job.
Wu is an authentic girl from Jiulongpo. She was admitted to the Communication Engineering Specialty of Hefei University of Technology from the High School Affiliated to Southwest Normal University (Southwest University now) in 2001 and went to Shanghai to work as a hardware engineer for seven years after graduation in 2005.
In 2012, Wu and her friend went to travel in Kho Tao together and her friend signed up for a diving training class for her. Although she had no previous experience with diving, Wu, who could swim at the age of five obtained an OW (Open Water Diver) License with her excellent ability in swimming. "The undersea world is so wonderful. What was in my dream after I returned to China was the blue sea."
Unexpectedly, Wu's dream came true within less than half a year. Wu's diving instructor at Kho Tao needed to accompany his wife studying for a doctor's degree in Canada, and he just thought of his Chinese student with much potential and asked her whether she would like to come to Kho Tao to take over his job as a diver instructor.
Wu was wild with joy and she suddenly realized that she actually did not like the job as an engineer at all. Thus, without any hesitation, she immediately resigned and returned to Kho Tao. In May 2013, through the training of over half a year, Wu obtained the OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) License of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and became a professional diver instructor at a diving training institution in Kho Tao. Over the past over two years, she has taught over 500 Chinese students.