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Thai boy can sing Peking Opera

Luo Junyong (M) in Peking Opera costumes is majestic-looking.
On November 28th, in Xinfangzi Community in Chongqing's Beibei District, Luo Junyong, a junior overseas student at the College of Economics and Management of Southwest University, was performing "Ding Jun Shan" (a Peking Opera play).
It is not the first time for Luo to perform a Peking Opera play. Luo has been seen many places, such as the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students and the closing ceremony of Southwest University International Culture Festival. He is the only overseas student in the university who can sing Peking Opera.
Luo, age 21, is from Thailand. Since both his grandparents are from Guangdong's Chaozhou, Luo has received Chinese culture since his childhood under their influence. "I would go to temples to listen to Chaozhou opera with them. Although I didn't know the lyrics, I felt they were wonderful." In Luo's family, there is an unwritten rule that the children in the family must insist on learning Chinese in primary school. "Later, I went to middle school, and I still insisted on learning Chinese," said Luo, "as the broad and profound Chinese culture was quite attractive to me."