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"Chongqing Map of Taste Buds" freshly released

Chongqing Map of Taste Buds Photo
On the 2nd, Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau joined by Chongqing Geographic Information Centre released "Chongqing Map of Taste Buds", with 35 high-quality seasonings across the city presented one by one. With such seasonings as Yongchuan Douchi (fermented soy beans), Zhongzhou Doufuru (fermented bean curd) and Fuling Zhacai (preserved szechuan pickle), "Chongqing flavours" are just that attractive!
According to a representative from the Chongqing Geographic Information Centre, seasonings refer to accessory foods that can add to the colour, aroma and taste of dishes, stimulate one's taste buds, promote one's appetite and is beneficial to human health. Since Chinese people believe "flavour first", the use of seasonings has been quite common since ancient times, and the flavour types of Sichuan Dishes that are popular all over the world are richer with such frequently seen flavours as sweet and sour flavour, hot and spicy flavour, hot pepper flavour, dried orange peel flavor, pepper and chili flavor, multi-flavour and sour and hot flavor.
"The fact that 100 Sichuan dishes can have 100 flavours has much to do with the rich varieties of seasonings and sauces in Chongqing and Sichuan areas," said the representative. There are many seasonings in Chongqing, such as Yongchuan Douchi, Zhongzhou Doufuru, Fuling Zhacai and Dazu Dongcai (Chinese cabbage) that have inherited the traditional crafts of over 100 hundred and even 1,000 years, which not only flavour delicious dishes, but also contain rich cultural connotation in themselves.