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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part9

If we do not experience Him in such a practical way, it is absolutely impossible to build up the Church. This is illustrated in the type of Eve, who was brought into being by coming out of Adam (Gen. 2:21-24; Eph. 5:30-32). Eve was a part of Adam, something out of Adam. Only that which came out of Adam could be the wife to Adam. Every part and every aspect of Eve was something of Adam. This confirms that the Church can only be built with that which is out of Christ. Doctrines and gifts do not build the Church. Christ Himself in the saints is the only material with which the Body of Christ is built. If we lack the experiences of practically living by Christ, we will only be a certain kind of “religious church.”

Furthermore, we must learn to experience Christ not only as our life, but also as our food, the Bread of Life. He is the food supply within us. Day by day we have to feed on Christ and be nourished by Him. This must not be merely a teaching to us, but our daily and hourly experience. In John 6:57 the Lord says that he that eats Him shall live by Him. If we are going to live by Christ, we must eat Him; then He will be so real to us. It is sorrowful that many Christians are not eating Christ daily.