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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part10

Let me illustrate in this way. When you were born you probably weighed between six to eight pounds, but now you are over 100 pounds. Your body has been built up; but please tell me, by what? By going to the restaurant and looking at menus? Of course not. Your body was built up by the things you ate, by so many eggs, chickens, potatoes apples, bananas, and so forth. How, then, can the Body of Christ be built up? Not by teaching, for the more you are taught how to eat, the more you will be reduced. In fact, if you only learn the art of eating, we will soon have a funeral for you. You may learn many things and even be the best dietitian, but you will soon die! Even so, you may know all the good, scriptural, and even spiritual teachings, and yet be starving from the lack of food. The churches today need the “mothers” to nurse the young ones and give them not teachings, but something of Christ to eat and drink.

If you ask me what is troubling me these days, I will tell you only two things: One is that although so many dear brothers and sisters have really seen the negative things of Christianity and something about the Lord’s way with His church, I am afraid they will practice the church life by outward methods. You say, “Formerly I pastored a church in a certain way, but now I see that is wrong. So I will drop that way and use another way.” This is still a religious activity, not the building up of the Body of Christ. The building up of the Body of Christ is something from within. You must feed on Christ, eat Christ and drink Christ so that you will be nourished with Christ. When you are full of Christ, you will minister something of Him as food to others. Then the Body of Christ will be built up.